About John Restrepo

John brings a wealth of experience to our team, from a lifelong career in hospitality and concierge services.
His journey began at The Cranley Hotel in South Kensington over 20 years ago, and John continued to excel in this role as concierge, later being promoted to Concierge Manager, establishing himself as a dedicated professional.

More recently John held the position of Head Concierge at the revered 3 Canalside Walk development, collaborating closely with colleagues, residents, service providers and clients to deliver exceptional service.

Outside of work, John's passions include his past as a dedicated footballer, although he now enjoys spectating more than playing. He finds joy in travel and driving, yet most of his spare time is dedicated to his two children.
His commitment to both his professional and personal life showcases his unwavering dedication and expertise in all endeavors.